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I’ve moved!!! I’m now blogging on my website at http://upstairshobbyroom.com


Moved to Blogger

If you found me here, one more hop and your will be on my new blog!! See ya there!

So I have no idea how blogs work and what I should be doing, lol!! I’m more of an Instagram kind of girl!! It is simple and straight forward!! So if you want to check out all the projects I am working on find me there, lattegirl40!!

I am a wife and mother of 3. I live on a farm. I love to bake, and make homemade ice cream (though not as often as I would like, to spare my waistline) I would love to own a Mini Cooper, but chose to purchase a long arm quilter, not sure that dream is going to come true! But the joy I feel when creating a quilt lessens the pain!! 🙂